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Legislation of any democratic country enables the oversight of intelligence services to avoid their misuse for illegal goals. The oversight of intelligence services is usually covered by legislative, executive and judicial powers. These forms of external oversight also apply to SIS in Slovakia. Moreover, SIS has internal controlling mechanisms developed within its structures.

External Oversight

External oversight of SIS is performed by:

  • The National Council of the Slovak Republic via the special oversight committee (§ 5 of the Act) consisting of MPs of governmental political parties and opposition political parties. The committee is usually chaired by an opposition representative; the SIS Director General also submits the annual report on completion of legally assigned tasks to the National Council once a year. The Parliament plays key oversight and regulatory roles in approving the SIS budget.
  • • The Government of the Slovak Republic that connects management and guarantee systems and supervises budget discipline.
  • Courts and the prosecutor’s office, if there is a reason to believe SIS breached the law or if the judge approves the use of technical intelligence means.

Internal Control

Internal control of SIS is executed at each management level and by the special controlling unit covering all areas of the Service.

SIS internal rules regulate a conduct of audits and controls, rights and obligations of auditors and subjects of audit, define structure and organisation of internal audit and control systems and their mutual relations.