Irregularities in drawing funds from the European Union

The SIS is one of the network partners of the Anti-fraud Coordination Service (AFCOS). Therefore, it is obliged to post e-mail address of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic on its website to which citizens may report their suspicions of irregularities in drawing funds from the EU.

Protection of financial interests has also become one of the priorities of the Slovak Republic after it joined the EU. In compliance with the Cooperation Agreement signed between Control and Counter-Corruption Division of the Government’s Office, the Anti-fraud Coordination Service that protects financial interests of the European Union and fights against corruption, and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF), the OLAF Central Point of Contact (OLAF CPO) under the Control and Counter-Corruption Division serves as the first OLAF contact point in the Slovak Republic. Its mission is to coordinate activities focused on the protection of EU’s financial interests at a national level.

OLAF CPO collects, records and monitors all known and discovered infringements of the EU fund drawing rules and any suspicions of the rules violations. These irregularities are subsequently analysed and reported to OLAF.

The term “irregularities” means:

  • any activities of an entity drawing EU funds that could result or has resulted in unauthorized drawing of these funds and violation of the Slovak or European Union legislation,
  • suspicion of fraud regarding unauthorized drawing funds from the European Union.

The Government Office of the Slovak Republic set up an e-mail address for reporting suspicions of irregularities:

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The OLAF Report:


The OLAF report is also available for the first time in interactive virtual format.

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