Bratislava, 30.1.2015

Fake profiles on social networks

Our intelligence service has faced several attempted abuses of its name on online social networks as fake and deceptive profiles of the Slovak Information Service have been created. Immediate measures to get these profiles deleted have been adopted and an investigation has been launched.

Besides other things, the general public can be fooled by these profiles with the false identity of SIS – these profiles have not been created by the Service (a state body of the Slovak Republic established in compliance with the Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic 46/1993 Coll. on the Slovak Information Service as subsequently amended). The Service uses its official website ( as the sole public communication channel.

Taking the scope of work of the Slovak Information Service into account, creating fake profiles and posting certain pieces of information for the general public on these fake profiles may be in contrary to the Slovak law. Moreover, the logo of the Slovak Information Service – a trademark registered with the Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic in compliance with the Act 506/2009 Coll. on Trademarks as subsequently amended – is owned and can only be used solely by the Slovak Information Service on behalf of the Slovak Republic.

Please, be aware that besides the official website no other websites or profiles created on social networks represent our intelligence service.


Bratislava, 15 April 2014

The provisions of the Draft Bill on Intelligence Services on monitoring devices enabling information and data encryption are a significantly pared-down version of the Government Regulation 443/2001 Coll.

We must admit the workgroup consisting of the SIS, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defence representatives was not in favour of the provisions; yet, the provisions are based solely on the 2001 Government Regulation. As a compromise, the workgroup decided to make the provisions stricter. Regardless the legal regulation in force, the Draft Bill significantly pares down the power of the state to get acquainted with information on devices enabling classified data and information transfer and does not require the producers or importers to provide such devices to state authorities.

From our perspective, SIS does not perceive the omission of the given provisions as problematic; on contrary, public discussion regarding the new Draft Bill is much welcomed.

SIS regards the articles trying to raise fears over possibilities of intercepting online banking, emails or bank accounts presented in mass media absurd.